NettleSSH is a development from the original Nettle source base. Taking all the features of Nettle and building up on it, with the aim to provide integrated client capable of being extended to other protocols than those it originally took. NettleSSH is not part of the main Nettle development and should be viewed as a seperate component from the main Nettle application.

Because NettleSSH is based on the common Nettle core, fixes and improvements within the main application are carried through to the NettleSSH development work. In addition to the standard Nettle features, NettleSSH supports the following significant changes :

  • RLogin / RExec protocols supported
  • SSH 1 support (PuTTY-based)
  • Bug fixes for some minor issues
  • Much more abstracted protocol interface

Latest release:
Beta 0.20
22nd July 2002

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NettleSSH is being developed as a private project by Justin Fletcher, feeding back fixes, features and suggestions to the main Nettle project. The main Nettle developers have been very helpful in providing feedback on NettleSSH to bring it to its current stage. Because NettleSSH is purely an experimental project to investigate how protocol abstraction and enhancement can be implemented, this is not part of the main Nettle project. Concurrent developments are by the core Nettle team is progressing toward a better structured version of Nettle.

I (Justin) don't work with any other compiler but the Norcroft compiler, and use TCPIPLibs solely for development purposes. As a consequence, NettleSSH has only been tested with this combination. The changes from UnixLib build to function with TCPIPLibs was minimal, so it is expected that anyone wishing to compile with UnixLib and GCC will find no problems. Feedback on such would would be appreciated.


Because of the experimental (and sporadic!) development of NettleSSH, release information is somewhat thin on the ground. However, the salient details are :

Alpha 1 : 4th February 2002
    Initial protocol abstraction to provide RLogin protocol.
    Hotlists restructured in line with protocol abstraction.
    Menu ticks appear beside selected entries.
    Tentative support for DEC scrollbar toggles.

Alpha 2 : 21st February 2002
    RLogin split into a new file as abstraction continues.
    Taskwindow 'protocol' abstracted into a seperate file
    RExec support added.
    Horizontal scrollbar height calculations improved.
    Tentative visual bell support.
    Improved key handler for some windows.
    Experimental taskwindow sizing support updated.

Alpha 3 : 22nd February 2002
    RLogin window resizing now informs the server.
    Protocol-specific flags are now enforced with warning boxes.
    Protocol abstraction vastly improved.
    'Fortify' debugging options improved.

Alpha 4 : 18th March 2002
    URI handling now handled a little more centrally.
    Ctrl-F2 closes windows which have disconnected.
    Protocol descriptors finally implemented, removing a lot of legacy conditionals.
    Protocol callbacks added.

Alpha 5 : 20th June 2002
    Added SSH support using SSHProxy as a base.
    Fix for minor redraw bug in hotlist window.
    Added tentative 'Protocol' menu.

Beta 0.20 : 22nd July 2002
    Application name, sprites, etc registered and agreed with Alex for release as separate application.
    Fix for cursor remaining off when output being given.
    Protocol URI processing now performed centrally.
    This webpage written.

© Justin Fletcher, 22nd July 2002.

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